How To Increase Oxygen Levels While Sleeping

How To Increase Oxygen Levels While Sleeping

UNIKO₂ Helps increase the level of oxygen in the body. It is an incredible source of oxygen and minerals that go directly to the body cells. As a result, the water molecule is dissociated and oxygen is released. In this way, the cells are directly nourished by a constant flow of essential elements for life. UNIKO₂ is “high nutritional technology” in a liquid state, which incorporates our Dibase/Dipolar formula, and is the last source of life that provides oxygen. Due to its liquid, ionic, colloidal state, it reaches every cell of the human body in the most effective way that exists on the market, restoring the balance of our body and fortifying or immune system.

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*Stimulates the immune system. . *
Normalizes the circulation and regulates hypertension. *In diabetes by promoting the synthesis of the elastase inhibitor by the pancreas. *In diseases of the arteries by strengthening the blood vessels. *Dilates the aging process of tissues. .*Increases mobility, reducing pain in osteoarthritis, and conditions of sclerosis. *Embellishes the hair giving it shine, elasticity and strength. “Recent studies have shown that the main cause of cancer could be the replacement of normal oxygen respiration in the cells by anaerobic respiration (lack of oxygen)”.

We do not offer any returns for purchase made, unless is that result of our error (damage, defective or incorrect, etc.) You must return the item to us within 20 days of receipt of purchase. We’ll sent another one along with the return postage fee.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cur

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