How To Increase Oxygen Levels In The Brain

How To Increase Oxygen Levels In The Brain


1. Is UNIKO₂ a medicine?
No, UNIKO₂ is not a medicine, and there is no medical statement made for the treatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of diseases. Therefore, there is no published clinical evidence, as in the case of medicine. With medicine, there is a relationship of cause and effect, so that medicine “A” will produce effect “B” and the clinical trial can prove it. Because UNIKO₂ is a nutritional supplement, it works where is necessary. Therefore, since each person is unique, we can’t prove that UNIKO₂ does something specific. We can, however tell people about the experience of other people, and there are many testimonies.

2 . How long is the shelf life?
Recent test on samples manufactured 25 years ago have shown improvement in its potency. So its Indefinite.

3 . How is UNIKO₂ absorbed in the body?
The nutrients in UNIKO₂ are in an ionic/colloidal form. The colloidal particles are tiny (4-7 nanometers in diameter) and, due to the Brownian motion phenomenon, they take a negative (ionic) charge and remain suspended in the liquid. Since most body fluids are colloidal and negatively charged, the body perceives Uniko as a normal, healthy body fluid. This allows nutrients to pass immediately through the sensitive membranes of the oral cavity, throat and esophagus directly into the bloodstream.

4 . How does it work?
UNIKO₂ allows nascent oxygen and hydrogen to be generated by the dissociation of the water molecules in the body. In biochemical terms a simple newborn atom of oxygen is negatively charged (0-), free radicals (which many biochemists believe are the main cause of the aging process and degenerative diseases) contain positively charged oxygen atoms (0+). The nascent oxygenation (0-) is bonded to form a pure oxygen(O2+) at the cellular level where it is required.

5 . How UNIKO₂ differs from other Oxygen products?
Many other Oxygen products tend to flood the body with Oxygen, often creating dangerous Oxygen-free radicals. The release of these oxygen reactive result in an oxidative injury.

6 . How do I take UNIKO₂?
UNIKO₂ is a concentrated liquid, which is taken orally by mixing a number of drops (see the individual labels for instructions) in purified water. If you use top water, UNIKO₂ begins to purify the water and the benefit you receive from UNIKO₂ is reduced. UNIKO₂ has a slightly bitter lemon flavor which most people enjoy taking with water or their favorite’s juice.

7 . Can I overdose with UNIKO₂?
No, UNIKO₂ is a nutritional supplement made of natural substances. The body only uses what it needs and eliminates the rest through the normal elimination channels.

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