Main Source Of Oxygen

Main Source Of Oxygen

UNIKO₂ helps increase the level of oxygen in the body. It is an incredible source of oxygen and minerals that go directly to the body cells. As a result, the water molecule is dissociated and oxygen is released. In this way, the cells are directly nourished by a constant flow of essential elements for life. UNIKO is “high nutritional technology” in a liquid state, which incorporates our Dibase/Dipolar formula, and is the last source of life that provides oxygen. Due to its liquid, ionic, colloidal state, it reaches every cell of the human body in the most effective way that exists on the market, restoring the balance of our body and fortifying or immune system.

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UNIKO₂ Plus Is the safest and most effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic supplement completely natural. Many people suffer from muscle aches, migraines, arthritic pain, rheumatism etc. That’s why UNIKO has designed this formulation base on the dibase/dipolar technology of UNIKO PLUS with the addiction of OMEGA 3 GLUCOSAMINE AND DHEA which is known as the hormone of “health and youth”.

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UNISTEM is a cutting-edge product, of the latest category, formulated with ingredients that support the body’s natural renewal system by promoting the release of stem cells derived from bone marrow and considered reinforces of already existing (adult) stem cells. The stem cells derived from the bone marrow are found throughout the body and support the function and renewal of organs and tissues. As you get older, the number and the quantity of stem cells circulating in the body diminish little by little leaving it more susceptible to damage causing many health issues related to age.

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