Helps increase the level of oxygen in the body

Helps increase the level of oxygen in the body

Is a cutting-edge product, of the latest category, formulated with ingredients that support the body’s natural renewal system.
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After seeing what Uniko was capable of in people of varying ages and illnesses, it became our mission to bring a truly exceptional product into the hands of those who need it most. We believe everybody deserves a chance to live a long healthy life, and we are committed to offering Uniko under the company of Life O at an affordable price to our costumers. Though Uniko has been around for more than 20 years, Uniko Plus and Unistem were added in 2008 and were designed to work together in unison. Uniko itself is not directly healing the disease since the body has been beautifully designed to do that itself. As a supplement, it simply provides the body with the essential building elements required to perform the normal functions necessary to achieve optimum health. Uniko works in a natural way by normalizing and balancing the organism.

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